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The boy, who has not been identified, shot himself in the head at around 4am on New Year's Day inside a mobile home in the Portland suburb of Sherwood, Oregon.

Particular groups of people ought to check with their physicians before exercising.

They are those more than 40 years, smokers, those that have suffered heart attacks obese individuals as well as those obese people.

Strong hearts do not struggle to pump blood to different parts of your body.

When the heart uses little effort to pump blood, the force on the arteries is reduced thus decreasing the blood pressure.

There is yet a way free of drugs that you can use to control your high blood pressure.

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The only way this works is by exercising on a regular basis.

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It was not immediately clear how he was able to get hold of the weapon.These are some of the warning signs that not everything is right.You should make sure that you monitor your blood pressure as you perform your exercises.Cycling, climbing stairs, walking, swimming and jogging are examples of other undemanding yet highly helpful exercises.One important thing you need to do before joining an exercise program is to get an approval from your doctor.A teenage boy has killed himself while playing a game of Russian roulette in front of his horrified friends.